Manual - Getting Started

Thank you for using Geocaching4Locus. Probably you have a lot of questions about this Locus Map add-on. This websites were created for you and we hope you will find the answers here. But if you did not found the answers here or if you had another questions, do not hesitate to ask in a discussion forum or directly to e-mail.

App limitations

This add-on is fully working with a premium membership only.

Basic members are able to download traditional, event and CITO geocaches. Unfortunately the last change made at January 18, 2016 on Grounspeak side caused returning back the restriction/li­mitation to download full geocache detail up to 3 geocaches per day for basic members. The Geocaching4Locus add-on do not want to restrict basic members with this. That mean the listing, hint, images, logs and trackables can't be downloaded*. As a workaround for missing listing the add-on place Geocache webpage to listing tab, but you have to be on-line to load that webpage. Hint and logs are in the same webpage.

* Logs and trackables can be downloaded for off-line usage later with Update cache action in a geocache detail dialog.

Premium members doesn't have this limitation and full geocache detail is stored offline.

Membership type comparison table

Features \ Membership type basic membership premium membership
Full Geocache details Not available 6.000 per day
Basic Geocache details 10.000 per day1 10.000 per day
Live map Geocaches 10.000 per day1 10.000 per day
Live map Geocaches with hint Not available 6.000 per day
List of logs Retrieved separately2 Yes
Geocache attributes Not available Available
Attached images Not available Available
Geocache type filter Not available Available
Container type filter Not available Available
Terrain rating filter Not available Available
Difficulty rating filter Not available Available

Table notes:

  1. Only basic Geocache details are available which includes Geocache webpage in a listing tab in Locus Map (needs to be on-line to load that webpage). Hint is present in that webpage too.
  2. Logs are retrieved after selecting Update cache or Download logs in Geocache detail dialog at Locus Map. Logs are also available in listing tab of course but you have to be on-line.

All above limitations are from side. If you want to use all benefits from premium membership, see Premium Membership feature on website.

If you decide to purchase premium membership, try to find some local reseller in your country. In most cases it is cheaper than direct buying at website.

With purchase of Locus Map Pro you do not receive premium membership.

When you switch from basic to premium membership, the add-on does not recognize your change. In this case, please perform Sign out and Sign in again in the add-on preferences.

Geocaching4Locus dashboard

Geocaching4Locus dashboard can be started several ways. Either from the App list or directly from Locus Map application. The Import GC, Nearest, Import bookmarks and also button for this dashboard is possible to add into Locus Map panel for a quick access.

Buttons in the dashboard from left side:

  • Live map – Activates or deactivates support for direct displaying of geocaches on the map without importing them to Locus.
  • Import GC – Show a dialog for entering Geocache GCxxxxx code to import Geocache into Locus Map.
  • Nearest – Open a dialog for searching nearest Geocaches around the coordinates.
  • Import bookmarks – Show a window for for importing from bookmarked caches (for premium members only).
  • Preferences – Open an add-on “preferences”.
  • Manual – Show this manual after touching on the button.