Geocaching4Locus allows you to download geocaches into Locus Map

It is a helpful when you need to find information about Geocaches directly on the place. The add-on also supports updating already stored Geocaches in Locus Map, Live map and many more features...


Searching nearest geocaches

You can search nearest geocaches around the coordinates and import them into Locus Map for off-line usage. And later use them directly on the place.

Importing geocache using its code

Searching and importing geocache by its code is also supported. This also include importing geocache from webpage address.

Live map

Do you want to look around for some geocaches on the map without import them into Locus Map? You can!

Updating geocaches

Already stored geocaches in Locus map can be easily updated with one touch.

Downloading additional logs

Only a few logs are downloaded with the Import action. But you can download up to 100 logs with this feature. Enough to figure out, what happened with geocache a few days ago.

Importing geocaches from bookmarks

Do you have bookmarked geocaches on Geocaching website? This feature allows you to browse your bookmark lists and import all or selected geocaches into Locus Map.

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