User's guide

Live map

The Live map displays the Geocaches in current map viewport without necessary storing them to Locus Map application. The Geocaches are update on every move of map, so it displays them only when is necessary. The particular Geocache can be then permanently stored Locus Map, see bellow.

How to use Live Map

At first be sure, you have allowed sending map changes from Locus Map (this has to be enabled in Locus Map: Settings → Miscellaneous → Connect with add-ons).

Now you need only to allow Live Map feature in add-on. This is possible to do it two ways: The first one is to use toggle button in a Geocaching4Locus dashboard. The second one is to use Enable choice in Locus map notification when Disabled notification feature is enabled in add-on settings.

Every time, when you move with map in Locus Map, the add-on download basic details about Geocaches and show them on a map.

How to store specific geocache from Live Map

Clicking on Geocache in the Live map, you will download complete details about cache. In this cache preview dialog, touch on the button with point symbol with “+” symbol in upper right corner to store Geocache to Locus Points database.

How to store all visible geocaches from Live Map

Since Geocaching4Locus version 2.2, the dashboard has a button Import Live map GC which imports currently visible Live map geocaches into Locus map. This button is enabled only when Live map is enabled and Locus map contains Live map geocaches.

Tip: The button Import Live map GC can be added to panel on map screen in Locus Map. See, how to do it.

Issue: Live map doesn't work

The Live map feature should work on clean Android devices. But some chinese vendors like Huawei, Xaomi, etc. include their custom battery saving functionality which prevents the Live map to work correctly. In this case you have to add an exception for Geocaching4Locus app. Bellow are placed instructions for some most used android devices.

Huawei / Honor EMUI 8 devices

Open Device settings → Battery → Launch → Select Geocaching4Locus to manage manually → Make sure that all switches are ON.

Huawei / Honor EMUI 5 devices


  • Device settings → Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps → Check Geocaching4Locus as a Protected app
  • Device settings → Apps → Geocaching4Locus → Battery → Uncheck Close after screen Lock
Other vendors

See comprehensive guide at DontKillMyApp­.com.